The Engaged Life: 2 Weeks

Yesterday it was two weeks since he popped the questions, “Will you marry me?” Since then, I have been on cloud nine and praying that this engagement high continues for as long as possible. In the past two weeks, we have:

- learned to get used to saying fiancé and fiancée instead of boyfriend and girlfriend
- spent Valentine’s day weekend at the cabins with his family
- organized a dinner at my parent’s house for both our parents to socialize
- started wedding planning
- signed him up for confirmation classes (better late than never)
- each spent quality time family

And, of course, we have enjoyed spending time with each other. It’s been truly a blessing. It feels amazing being engaged and planning the rest of your life with the one you love. We have learned even more about each other and continue to grow as we start this new chapter in our lives. We bought these cute little books from Barnes and Noble titled "Do you know your groom?" and "Do you know your bride?" which has been fun answering. And, of course, I finally bought a wedding planner & organizer. I have been jotting down notes on post-it notes and then losing them, so this was much needed. Other than that, I've been spending week nights pinning away to get some wedding inspiration. If you know of any wedding blogs or recently engaged bloggers, tell me! I need to follow along their journey for wedding inspiration.