Because you can't go wrong with cheetah print

cheetah print scarf

BECAUSE YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH CHEETAH PRINT. We all have our fashion favorites. For me, it happens to be scarves. I literally have a bin full of scarves! That's why Fall is my favorite season. With Spring being just weeks away, I'm sad to have to say goodbye to my lovely scarves. They are so easy to pair with a plain tee and a cardigan. So, I decided to share a little outfit blog post with you guys today. If (and when) I share outfit blog posts, they're mostly work outfits. Story of my life. I have no "going out" clothes because I pretty much have no social life outside of work and school, and when I do have some social life, I have the hardest time putting together an outfit. That's why I go to Pinterest for inspiration.

Now, here's my attempt at being a "fashion blogger." Don't get used to it. I have a boring and simple style. Enjoy!

casual work outfit

cheetah print scarf outfit

W E A R I N G:

Scarf: H&M 
Cardigan: Little Sister's Closet*
Top: H&M
Pants: Gap
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Target

*My sister and I raid each other's closet all the time. It's funny because she will Snap Chat me a photo of her outfit and say "BTW, I'm borrowing this, this and this." And then her friends will ask her where she got certain items and she just says um, my sister's closet. So, that's become our little thing now. Whereas I just take her clothes. We need to just merge our closets into one big closet. Oh, the joy of having a sibling! :)

Happy Saturday!