Insta Likes | 001

Friday Favorites posts list my Pinterest favorites, but what about Instagram? I follow quite a few bloggers (and YouTubers) that post some amazing photos that instantly have me wanting to double tap their photo to show I like it. Following awesome bloggers usually leads to some bedroom redecorating inspiration or it leads to me wanting to go shopping for a new agenda or coffee mug. (Reminder: I do not need a new coffee mug for the office. I have one too many.) Check out some of my insta-likes for the month. I'm going to try and post my insta-likes monthly, so make sure to follow along on Instagram!

The Every Girl | affordable decorating inspiration
Ashley Ella Design | curtain project
The Doctor’s Closet | 2015 kate spade agendas
Whit Speaks | sprinkles cupcakes ATM
Aubrey Kinch | inside one truffle pouch
It’s Kate Baldwin | vanity rearrangement
Shanna Said So | texas glasses
Pearls and Pastries | pearls & pastries shop
Anna With Love | pantone mug