If Pinterest Didn't Exist

If Pinterest Didn't Exist

...home decor wouldn't be so difficult. I have pinned home decor ideas for every square inch of my future home. From the kitchen to the guest bathroom to the office room. Let's hope I can make that dream home come to reality.

...a wedding planner wouldn't have to deal with bridezilla. Before Pinterest, planning your dream wedding was based on all the weddings you previously attended. Now it's a competition with all the wedding boards. Thanks to Pinterest, I've changed the color scheme of my future wedding about 10,000 times and I still can't decide between a Spring wedding or a Fall wedding. 

...girls wouldn't be expecting a spectacular proposal. I will admit I am guilty of reading all those proposal stories and sending them to my friends. A proposal at a barbecue no longer makes the cut. It's now all about how big the proposal is. (PS: Boyfriend, if you read this, please take note. I don't want it in front of a large crowd. I'm okay with keeping it sweet and thoughtful. K, thanks.) 

...I wouldn't know how to cook. This one is more of a positive rather than a negative when it comes to Pinterest. Seriously, I can now feed myself thanks to these super easy Pinterest meal recipes. Have you not seen my avocado ranch pasta salad? Or how about that avocado and egg breakfast toast? I should probably try something that doesn't have avocado to change it up a bit. Maybe I'll try making a grown up mac & cheese now.

...girls wouldn't already be dressing up their imaginary kids with super stylish outfits. But they're so freaking cute! Every time I see a pin of a little girl with a sock bun and sweet shades, I'm like - I can't even, I can't even. 

...I wouldn't be changing my hair so often. Ok, I can't blame this one on Pinterest. Having two aunts who are hair stylists is the main reason behind my need to change my hair every other month. But Pinterest now gives me more ideas so every time I see one of my aunts I pretty much have a list of ideas ready. I change my hair, and then one week later, I get on Pinterest and want to change it again.

...I wouldn't have 100 pins of DIY ideas that I will never actually get to. I mean, I wish had the time, energy and patience to get to at least one of those DIY pins. The only "project" I have completed is organizing my closet and my bathroom, which, really that doesn't count as a DIY project. That's more of an "organization tips" board, so that's a fail. Someday. 

Despite all these negative (and one positive) reasons for the existence of Pinterest, I still can't stay away from spending hours on it, dreaming about decorating my future home or planning my future wedding. So, you can follow along with me on Pinterest. I'll be there.