Farmer's Market Finds | Detox Water

Every weekend I discover something new at our local farmer’s market. This past weekend there was a juice bar station that I didn’t get a chance to stop at because we were short on time, and it was getting a little too hot for me. So, my sister and I decided to go visit their nearest location the next day. Detox water? I gave it a try and surprisingly, liked it. I’m not a big fan of water. I don’t drink as much water as I should be drinking. So, naturally flavored water sounds pretty good to me, and it has its health benefits like helping flush out toxins. While there may be negatives to spending time on Pinterest, there are positives. I’ve been all over Pinterest looking for different detox water recipes because paying $8 for a small glass bottle of detox water is not in my budget. I stocked up fruits and decided to make them on my own.

Detox Water
(Left) Cucumbers, Lemons & Organic Mint Leaves | (Right) Cucumbers, Pineapples & Mint Leaves

What are your thoughts on detox water?
What detox water recipes do you recommend?