My Life In Numbers

Happy July! so, I think the Texas heat has caused me to have blogger writer’s block. I have been fishing for some inspiration on Pinterest and found a list of blog post ideas, one of them being "My Life In Numbers" thanks to Becca from Becoming Adorrable. It's the perfect way to look back at your life while at the same time giving your readers an opportunity to get to know you better.
0 broken bones (thank goodness!)
1 sibling
2 cars i’ve owned (well, paying off the second one)
3 times i will have visited the wizardry world of harry potter as of this December
5 times i’ve been to vegas in the past three years alone
7 jobs i’ve had in my entire life
8 favorite number
11 pledge sisters i gained when i rushed a sorority with in college
14 aunts and uncles (I think)
21 days until the john legend concert
22 years old when i first stepped foot on disney grounds at disney world. best day of my life.
24 years old when i first experienced real snow

25 years living in this world
31 cardigans currently stored in my closet
71 weeks since a little furball by the name of winston came into my life
292 days until the ACM awards in dallas

410 twitter followers 
425 photos on instagram
1,967 happy days in a relationship with joseph 

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